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Automotive Industry

The automobile industry is one of perception and messaging. Customers buy vehicles to make a statement, but before the actual purchase is made, the showroom environment can heavily influence the decision.

Build Trust and Brand Loyalty

Research shows that scent marketing can elevate the consumer buying process by creating a unique ambiance through the use of custom scents. When applied to the automotive dealership arena, custom scents in a showroom setting can help strengthen the perception and emotions tied to a brand’s image, while creating a memorable and trustworthy atmosphere for customers..

Discover Aroma EG

Creating a custom scent for a brand or car dealership is not a one-size-fits-all process. It involves digging deep to discover what the brand represents and who comprises its customer base. It’s crucial to pay careful attention to the kind of buying experience the brand is trying to evoke and what kind of driving experience it represents.
Discover Aroma EG scent solutions that will make your showroom stand out from the rest..
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