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Our Fragrance Oil

Aroma EG is continuously raising the bar as the healthiest scenting solution in the industry. We have accomplished this through years of research, development and the hands-on approach of custom designing each scent. While most other scenting companies use synthetic cartridges and plug-ins, Aroma EG uses the highest quality essential and fragrance oils sourced from all over the world. This assures our customers that when they choose to scent with us, they are receiving the healthiest and best scenting experience possible.

Scent Notes

When looking to find your perfect scent or scents, keep in mind that that there are three notes of any oil;
Top, Middle, and Base.

Middle Notes

These are the notes that begin to develop as the fragrance begins to react with its environment. Frequently referred to as “the heart” of the scent, they are often used to mask out the first impressions of an unpleasant base note. This is typically comprised of a scent that is mellow or well-rounded. Scents that are classified as Middle notes usually appear within two to sixty minutes after the initial application

Top Notes

This is the lightest of the notes, and it is the first scent you encounter in a fragrance. It is the initial impression of the scent. Since Top notes are the first impression, they are very important for the selling of a perfume or fragrance. They are best described as “fresh” or “sharp.” These notes are the most volatile, as they dissipate the quickest.

Base Notes

This is the scent that carries the highest molecular weight and emerges last. Typically, this scent will appear after the disappearance of the Top notes. Base notes bring the scent together, forming a solid foundation to the fragrance. They are used to boost the lighter notes of both the Top and Middle oils. The base note aromas usually do not appear until at least 30 minutes after the initial application of a scent.






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